Under the guidance of Mr Yee, I was able to grasp mathematics better. When we are stuck while solving the question, he will read through all our workings and spot our mistakes. His explanations are clear and simple to understand. Mr Yee is a meticulous teacher who remembers the progress of each individual student so as to prepare relevant materials that is most beneficial before every lesson. He is also a caring teacher who is concerned about the student’s welfare. I have been taking up tuition lessons for 4 months and my A-math grade improved from a B4 to an A1. Thank you!

Cherylmine Woon,
Secondary 3, Chung Cheng High School (Main) improved from B4 in SA1 to A1 in SA2 2010.
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Rate & Schedule

Rates Level Lessons per month
$260 Sec 4 A/E Maths 4*
$250 Sec 3A/E Maths 4*
$240 Sec 3 E Maths 4*
$230 Sec 2 4*
$220 Sec 1 4 *
$220 Pri 6 4*
$210 Pri 5 4*
$200 Pri 4 4*
$190 Primary 3 4 *
*(All the above rates are for once a week, 2 hours each, 4 lessons per month )

Will be advised by Mr. Yee when contacting him.