Under the guidance of Mr Yee, I was able to grasp mathematics better. When we are stuck while solving the question, he will read through all our workings and spot our mistakes. His explanations are clear and simple to understand. Mr Yee is a meticulous teacher who remembers the progress of each individual student so as to prepare relevant materials that is most beneficial before every lesson. He is also a caring teacher who is concerned about the student’s welfare. I have been taking up tuition lessons for 4 months and my A-math grade improved from a B4 to an A1. Thank you!

Cherylmine Woon,
Secondary 3, Chung Cheng High School (Main) improved from B4 in SA1 to A1 in SA2 2010.
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Why Me?

Cost Effective

Being a parent of two kids, I understand the financial plight experienced by many parents. Unless you are very well off, engaging a school teacher for $50 to $70 an hour to teach a single subject can be financially taxing. This is even more so if the child is weak in many subjects. Tuition fees alone can add up to hundreds or even thousands, leaving the family having to scrimp and save for other expenditure. At times you wonder whether it is money well spent after receiving your child’s exams results. You have more doubts when you only see the tutor spending 80% of the tuition session looking at your child doing his work.

Charging less than half the amount by an experienced school teacher, I provide tuition that is cost effective for your child without compromising with the results. Some students even intensify their preparation for exams by attending lessons twice or thrice a week one month before their papers. This is possible due to inexpensive tuition fee and flexibility of schedule. For details about the rates, please checkout Rates and Details.

Student-Centric Learning environment

It is my belief to meet the needs of individual students according to their abilities and the pace of their learning. This set my class apart from other tuition classes where one size fits all lessons are being conducted. Lessons will be paced as close as possible to the school’s progress in the syllabus. This helps to reinforce new concepts taught. Students are encouraged to bring their challenging homework for discussion so that I am able to explain questions that were not gone through in school. Students will also be guided in the preparation for every school’s test and examination. A good test result boosts confidence and motivates students for further success.

Customisation to individual needs

Every student has different ability, so he/she must be taught differently. In a class, the students will be given different tasks to work on according to their ability. There will be individual attention given to students for — marking and explanation after completion of tasks. At any point of time, the student may raise a question, and he/she will be attended to almost immediately. This is as good as one-to-one tuition by an experience school teacher. Even better, they don’t have someone breathing down their neck all the time while they are attempting the questions.

Small class size

With a small class size of 4-5, I will be able to give each and every student individual attention and learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Every incorrect answer will be explained to the students individually till he/she understands. This is different from most tuition centres where classes are big. Stronger students are forced to listen to the explanation of the questions which the majority stumble while weaker students are often neglected in a class of better students.

Continuity from Primary to Secondary

Being a NIE-trained teacher who has taught in both secondary and primary schools, I belong to a very ‘rare specie’ in Singapore. The transition from Primary School’s Model Method to Secondary School’s Algebraic Method in problem solving is smooth and not confusing for students in my class. Many of my students continued with me after their PSLE Exams despite the need to travel long distance to reach my place. It saves parents immense headache to hunt for a reliable tutor for another 4/5 years of secondary education.

Excellent Track Record

Many of my students make vast improvement in 6 months after attending my lesson. Please refer to the testimonials written by parents and students. As a Mathematics teacher in my former secondary schools, I have won Outstanding Contribution Award (team) for helping the school achieved excellent value added results in ‘O’ levels. Please refer to the testimonial written by my former Maths HOD.

Ex MOE Maths teacher with 14 years of teaching experience in Secondary and Primary School

Since graduated from NIE, I have accumulated 10 years of teaching in Secondary schools and 3 years in Primary schools. I have taught students with a wide range of abilities from various levels and streams. This, together with many years of providing tuition, gives me a firm grip of the syllabus and the pedagogy required for teaching Mathematics.